Vision Systems-ViSys

Vision Based Width Measurement and Inspection Systems

ViSys LC80  v1.0


1.1 Features

  • 3648  8µm × 200µm  pixels
  • 29 mm CCD length
  • 200µm line Thickness
  • Easy Adjustment
  • Different Lenses, 10-100 mm
  • Interface : USB2.0 Port
  • Data rate : 1KHz Line scan rate.  2MHz on the sensor level and close to 12Mo/s USB2.0
  • Bit Depth : 10 bits
  • 100% Aperture, Built-in Anti-blooming, No Lag
  • Contrast expansion
  • SDK/Driver Package
  • With application, configuration, acquisition tool and development examples


















1.2 Typical Applications

  • Web Inspection : metallurgy, wood, paper, textile
  • Rubber Industry: Belt Centering System, Tread and Side Wall Width Inspection …
  • Film Thickness Measurement
  • Process control : pick and place, positioning
  • Print Inspection
  • Sorting : food, postal, parcel, checks, …
  • Surface inspection : wafers, PCB, …
  • Document archiving, data archiving
  • OCR and barcode reading

1.3 Requirements


Power No Need to External Power
Storage >10GB
System Windows 2000, xp, Vista, 7, 8
Operational Temperature 0~60˚c
Communication USB 2.0 Port
Industrial Communication OPC Server (NI, Wincc, ….)


There are various applications for this type of cameras. One the common applications is the width measurement of web (Textile, Belt, Tread, Side Wall, Inner Liner, …). In this type of application, LC80 is installed on top of the web and a light is inserted below it. The camera can detect the edges of the web and the software computes the width of the web by some mathematical computations and linearization. This computed width can be used in industrial PLCs by OPC.






























ViSys LC80 application in width measurement

Also LC80 can be used for detecting several edges. For example, it can be used for measurement of two or three ribbons of films or webs.