Vision Systems-ViSys

CenSys 1001  v1.0

1. CenSys 1001 Overview


  • ARM Cortex M3 Processor
  • 24 DC Input
  • Up to 8 Isolated Digital Inputs
  • Two Analog Inputs
  • One Analog Outputs
  • Three Digital Outputs
  • Easy Configuration
  • Different Web control Strategies
  • Choosing Different Programs By DIP Switches
  • Interface : USB2.0 Host Port for control program
  • Internal DC Motor Driver
  • Capability of External Servo System Control
  • High Temperature Detection
  • High Current Detection
  • Control Cycle Time: 10ms
  • PWM Frequency: 30KHz

2. Defined Applications for CenSys 1001

There are several applications defined on the program that can be selected by the switches on the board. Now consider the following strategies:

 1. The first program consists of two digital sensors for detecting the web
edges. This system is depicted in figure below.

2. The second program uses four digital edge sensors.

 3. The third program uses an analog edge sensor. In this program CenSys will guide the web edge in center of the analog sensor.


4. The fourth program needs two analog edge detection sensors at both sides of the web. The CenSys will guide the web in the middle. It means that webs with varying width can be guided by this program. In fact, the web edges will not necessarily remain at the center of the sensors. 

Web Centering System