Vision Systems-ViSys

MehrPooyan Measurement and Control Incorporation

Welcome to the Mehrpooyan Inc. web site


MehrPooyan starts his work on electronic and control  in 2018 to cover the needs of specific systems in Iran industry.


In first step we focused on sterategic systems in textile and rubber industry which are web guiding and width inspectionn systems. In other steps, we will provide other important systems for like thickness measurement and metal detection systems.


In Brief, our current and future products are:


1. ViSys (Vision System for Measurement Inspection)

       ViSys LC80 (Finished)

       ViSys LC81 (Developing)


2. CenSys (Centering Systems)

       CenSys 1001(Finished)

       CenSys 1002 (Developing)


3. Thicness Measurement System (Developing)


4. Metal Detection System (Developing)


5. Ultrasonic Cutter Driver (Developing)


Furthermore, beside these attempts we tried to find a sollution for forgotton passwords of Simotion Scout programm blocks protected with Know-how protection with finding the password by decoding the data in project files. We are now working on Tia portal and passwords on PLCs of 1200 and 1500 of siemens.